What is popular in Canada?

Being one of the Western hemisphere’s most popular tourist destinations and routinely named one of the best places to live, Canada has plenty to keep its people happy. Here are some examples of the most loved things in the world’s second largest country:

Tim Horton’s

Canadians love their coffee, and international tourists even more so, not least because Tim Horton’s (Canada’s own beloved and world-famous coffee shop chain) sells quality coffee at the cheapest price you can find. One can be found on almost every street corner, the chain being more commonplace than fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Those are popular too of course, but nothing quite compares to the popularity of Tim Horton’s in Canada.

Ice Hockey

A wide variety of sports are popular in Canada. However, most Canadians’ first sporting love would have to be ice hockey, particularly due to the country’s infamously long and exceptionally cold northern winters, hence ice hockey’s reputation as the official ‘national winter sport’ of Canada.


Toronto is commonly referred to as ‘the Hollywood of the north’ due to its high rate of film production and general popularity of cinema in the city. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), held every September, is considered the first major stop on route to the Oscars in February, with numerous major film premieres taking place over ten days.


Soccer has been growing in popularity in North America over the past few decades and Canada is no different. Though the national team has qualified for the World Cup only once, in 1986, the game’s stature is set to grow further since the announcement that the 2026 World Cup will be joint-hosted by Canada (along with the US and Mexico), which is sure to boost interest. A quicker – and increasingly popular – way to grow Canadian influence in the ‘beautiful game’ is via the virtual world, more specifically by testing your skills in an online manager game.

Maple Syrup

Canadian’s have an unbridled love of maple syrup and is the world’s most prolific producer of this sweet liquid. The country takes maple syrup very seriously: there are more than 10,000 maple farms in the country and in Quebec alone there are more than 7,400 maple syrup businesses. In fact, some Canadians love the stuff so much that they’re willing to go to jail for it. In 2012, thieves stole some 3,000 tonnes of the stuff — approximately more than $18 million’s worth — before the law caught up with them.

Michael J. Fox

Everyone loves the star of the ‘Back to the Future’, but Canada loves him especially. The movie star, who grew up in Canada, has received the Order of Canada for his contribution to the arts and his work for charity. Thanks to the charitable status of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in the country, researchers in Canada can work with the actor on finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.These are just some popular aspects of Canadian culture, but there is much more to discover about the country and its people. Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to find out more.