Richmond – British Columbia’s Coastal Town

Richmond is a Canadian coastal city that is located in very close proximity to Vancouver. In fact, it is actually the location of Vancouver airport. The city itself is actually on Lulu Island at the opening of the Fraser River and covers a few other neighbouring islets in its area as well.The city has one of the highest rates of immigrants in the entirely of Canada, though this isn’t surprising as its location and history lend itself to such an outcome. The original township was named by its founding father, John Sexsmith and was essentially created in 1879. The city, as it is now, was initially modelled after townships in Ontario, with a number of different communities under one entity. Though having a relatively long history, by Canadian standards, Richmond was not fully designated as a city until 1990.With its interesting background, there are naturally a number of different things to do and see in this city. From relaxing entertainment, natural wonders through to historical sites, the city has it all. Firstly, for those looking for a bit of fun, Richmond boasts the largest casino in western Canada. Even though many players are turning online for this type of entertainment, River Rock Casino still remains a go-to place.The Museum of Anthropology offers an interesting look into artefacts and cultural art from around the world. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, on the other hand, gives visitors an in-depth look at the way fishing was performed in the 1890s. For some scenic sights and tranquillity, visitors should not miss the Nitobe Memorial garden that is full of Japanese landscaping, trees and tea.Whatever you choose, this multicultural and diverse city has something to offer everyone. Its close proximity to Vancouver also affords people the chance to wander further afield.