Welcome to Canada, eh!

Canada celebrated its 150 years in 2017, so it is still a new country in the grand scheme of things. However, with saying it doesn’t have so much history; we are in no way trying to detract from the country as a whole. In fact Canada’s natural beauty far surpasses that of most countries, making this a must visit destination for people around the world.Canada is a huge country and offers its visitors a wide variety of things to see a do. From the awe inspiring grandeur of the Rockies, the frozen landscapes of the Algonquin or simple a city break in metropolitan Vancouver, both Canada and hookedoncanada.co.uk have got you covered.Though large, travel throughout Canada is surprisingly easy. The fastest mode of travel is of course by plane and will see you across the other side of the country in a decently short amount of time. However, this mode of transport can be pricey during the wrong time of year, plus you will miss out on part of what makes Canada so great – the landscape. With this in mind, most Canadians actually travel their own country by car and we recommend that you do too. Rental agencies can be found almost everywhere and the convenient thing with these is that they can be dropped off elsewhere in the country.Famous for its maple syrup, Canada offers a wide range of foods surprisingly all containing this ingredient. From the simple iced candies, ice cream and fudge there is also a range of stunning savoury dishes that also contain maple syrup. And of course, don’t forget Canada’s pride and joy, the doughnut heaven of Tim Hortons!