Taking a Rocky Road

There are so many places to go in Canada but probably the most iconic is that of the Canadian Rockies. This impressive mountain range spans a number of the provinces and is one of the areas that are best driven through at your own pace.If you are an outdoorsy person then the Rockies are the place for you. The best way to see the Rockies are on foot and to enable this for visitors, there are literally thousands of paths and trails to follow throughout the area. A major stopping point for anyone on their first visit is the quaint township of Banff. This small town offers a first step into the Rockies and has numerous, easily accessible trails a mere few minutes from the town centre. Lake Louise, the emerald Moraine Lake and much more are all right in this area. For those of you more adventurous types, the Lake Louise hike has a number of different options including an eight-hour trek to the base of one of the mountain glaciers. Wear appropriate shoes though, as even in the summer months there can be a lot of snow around.If you are interested in nature, a few twilight or early morning drives are the perfect thing. Take a drive down the lesser-travelled Hwy 95 from Banff up to Golden and you will be in for a rare treat. On our travels through the area we were lucky enough to spot moose, deer and even black bear. Further through the Rockies you will come to the Columbian Icefields. This is a fantastic place to stop and learn a little more about the geological history of the area. Book in advance and you can take a trip out onto one of the glaciers and check the mountainside for a chance to spot mountain goats and big horn sheep.